The economy of Turkey is defined as an emerging market economy by the IMF. Turkey is among the world’sdeveloped countries according to the CIA World Factbook. Turkey is also defined by economists and political scientists as one of the world’s newly industrialized countries. Turkey has the world’s 18th largest nominal GDP, and 15th largest GDP by PPP.  The country is among the world’s leading producers of agricultural products; textiles; motor vehicles, ships and other transportation equipment; construction materials; consumer electronics and home appliances.

GDP                            $1.746 trillion (PPP, 2017)/$791 billion (Nominal, 2017)

GDP rank                   18th (nominal) / 15th (PPP)

GDP Growth               Increase 4.0% (2015), Increase 4.8% (Q1 2016)             

Key Products:

  • Murano Glass
  • Crystal Products

Key Participants:

  • Tillo Krystal
  • Tillo Hedylik

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