Are you interested in the latest developments from the world of machinery, automobile, education, lifestyle, food, handicraft or electronics sector and would like to establish new contacts? Then you are in the right place at Mega Trade Fair! And there are even more reasons for coming to Nuremberg from 17.12. 2016. – 27.12.2016

Comprehensive spectrum of products

Mega Trade Fair offers a wide variety of more than 4000 products ranging from Machinery, Electronics, Automobiles, Food, Lifestyle, Education, Health and Beauty, Children’s accessories, Handicrafts etc. The product spectrum at Mega Trade Fair caters for your every wish as a visitor.

Melting Pot for Countries from All Over the World

Being the primary platform to showcase the best from countries like Thailand, Hong kong, Turkey, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Iran, Myanmar and Nepal, Mega Trade Fair allows the visitors to get the taste of the world right under their feet.

Impressive growth rates and positive feedback

90% of the 60,568 visitors from India and abroad can’t be wrong: the opportunities for information and contact at Mega Trade Fair 2015 were more than satisfactory. The product spectrum was also rated extremely favourably. All the Mega Trade Fair events have shown impressive growth rates and this trend will continue in 2017. Don’t miss the Mega Trade Fair!

Dialogue connects

All the 13 Expos– driven from drive technology to accessories – is discussed intensively for ten days at India International Mega Trade Fair. The perfect opportunity for you to make contact with the exhibitors and exchange views on current developments, new products and innovative systems. Whether automobile manufacturer, Health and Beauty supplier, machinery or plant manufacturer, developer or buyer, at India’s leading trade fair you can discover new products, share experiences and make business contacts

World Class Ambience

All the air-conditioned pavilions dedicated to separate industry segments provide world class ambience for the visitors to spend quality time at the exhibition with all the comfort and care in terms of the catering and parking facilities, washrooms etc