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An independent pavilion is earmarked for the Central & State Governments which include: Ministries, Departments and Public Sector undertakings. As most of the PSUs are in the industrial sector, there is treniendous scope for joint ventures and major business tie-ups, both on the national and international level. With the infrastructural growth booming across the globe, the demand for equipment has shot up. Especially in the developing nations of South-East Asia, the requirement for heavy industrial equipment is enormous. Trade fairs showcasing these types of products are few and far between. The product profile includes Heavy Industries, infrastructure development, machinery, agricultural machinery & equipment, engineering machinery, ship buildIng machinery, food processing & confectionery machinery etc.


This fair will provide the best business oppotunities for all round development and growth of real Estate, and Allied industries. For this exhibition, our massive advertising campaign will span a 360 degree coverage with insertions in leading dailies, hoardings, local cable TV advertisements, advertisement pillars, invitation cards and several others. The fair offers customers a vast range of products to choose from and a superb oppotunity for participants to directly establish contacts with potential partners and attractspeciallised audience to maximise business. The event will focus on creating a confluence of buyers, sellers and dealers from this industry and provide an ideal platform for B2B, B2C and B2G interactions.
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Key Exhibitors

  •  Z Estates Pvt.Ltd.
  • Dream Homes
  • Lansum Estates LLP
  • Shri Sathi Corp

Key Products

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Property



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See What People Say About Us

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