As one of the world’s leading international financial centres, Hong Kong’s service-oriented economy is characterized by its low taxation, almost free port trade and well established international financial market. Its currency, called theHong Kong dollar, is legally issued by three major international commercial banks, and pegged to the US Dollar. Interest rates are determined by the individual banks in Hong Kong to ensure it is fully market-driven.There is no officially recognised central banking system, although Hong Kong Monetary Authority functions as a financial regulatory authority. When destabilising factors are hitting the financial market of Hong Kong, they will be monitored and inspected by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the financial regulatory agency in Hong Kong.Electronic finance trading is evolutionarily impacting the financial market of Hong Kong.

GDP                      PPP: $400.4 billion (2014 est.)     
                            PPP per capita rank: 8th
                             Nominal per capita rank: 25th (2010)

GDP Growth     7.2% (2011 Q1)

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  • African bags & Jewellery

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